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Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (Bac + 4)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

- BAC + 4

- A US Diploma signed by Fort Hays State University

- 1st and 2nd year in Dakar (Senegal),

- 3rd and 4th year in Kansas (USA)

- 100% taught in English

  • Open to all students holding a high school diploma
  • Fully delivered in English, FHSU's BBA gives its students all the necessary assets to build and implement their professional projects in the best possible conditions, to adapt to a constantly changing world of work, and to to become efficient entrepreneurs.
  • Moreover, since its system is based on the Anglo-Saxon format, the FHSU BBA is an ideal springboard for those wishing to practice abroad (North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc.).
  • It is intended for young graduates who are considering an international career, whether abroad or in a foreign company and future international executives ready to evolve in multicultural environments.
  • It is built for future managers motivated, mobile and ready to follow an innovative program.

    Program Structure

    English Improvement and TOEFL Preparation Courses

    This preparation aims to give students the knowledge and confidence to use business English and conversation through a total immersion in listening, conversation, reading and writing.

    At the end of this program, students will have the following skills:

    - Read and understand and write English texts

    - Follow and understand a business module in English

    - Being able to debate and lead a discussion in English

    - Enrich your vocabulary Write correctly in English

    - A good level of vocabulary, grammar and conjugation

    - Know and understand the TOEFL test techniques

    The Foundations
    They bring together basic modules that give students
    - A better understanding and appreciation of the management practices of various business lines An overview of the fundamental principles of the main business disciplines
    - Key communication and interpersonal skills through regular course presentations
    - Knowledge of how to work effectively in multicultural teams


    Finance and accounting
    In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to have the knowledge and skills to manage money efficiently and ethically, whether you want to work with individuals or with a company.
    Finance and accounting continue to be high-demand careers in both the public and private sectors, and a degree in economics makes you a very versatile and sought-after contributor.
    - Accounting
    - Accounting, Public Accounting Concentration
    - Finance
    - Finance, Banking Concentration
    - Finance, Economics Concentration
    - Finance, Financial Planning Concentration
    - International Business and Economics
    The dynamism of today's business world requires leaders who know how to manage rapid change, make decisions that drive solutions and the people they lead. The FHSU BBA teaches you how to inspire teams and help organizations reach their full potential.
    The leadership skills you will learn are transferable to any career, whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to start your business, wanting to be the CEO of a large company or wanting to lead other sectors like the government or education.
    - Management, Human Resource Management Concentration
    - Management
    - Management, Entrepreneurship Concentration
    - Double Major (Management and Marketing)
    The courses are geared towards the implementation of highly specialized marketing techniques to answer the problems of today's companies.
    The BBA graduate student from FHSU will therefore be able to offer any organization a coherent, innovative and adapted marketing strategy.
    It will be able to carry out several missions such as the launch and the realization of market studies, the deployment of an innovation strategy, the definition of commercial action plans.
    - Marketing
    Management Information Systems
    You will learn more about hardware, software, networking and security while developing core managerial skills. We will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to excel in this field.
    - Management Information Systems

    Trough an international experience, you will acquire an open mind and a true capacity of adaptation. Your CV will be enriched which will allow you to have access to professional opportunities around the world. You will also have the opportunity to expand your relational network internationally.
    The comfortable, tree-lined Fort Hays State campus is located in Hays, Kansas (on I-70, midway between Kansas City and Denver).
    FHSU is a welcoming community in the heart of the historic town of Hays, a community that celebrates its border roots and modern sensibility with cafes, unique restaurants, boutiques and a vibrant arts scene.
    Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is an innovative and supportive university where students from around the world continue their studies. At FHSU you will find a caring environment with staff available to support you in your educational and personal endeavors.
    Our student support services provide academic, health, career, personal and individual attention to help you succeed. At FHSU, we support one another and invest personally in your success.
    The International Student Services (ISS) offers a wide range of services and programs.

    The FHSU BBA gives you access to all the masters, all over the world.
    It gives you priority access to the FHSU MBA (MBA link)

    Career Prospetcs :
    The world's most widely held diploma in economics and management, it offers many opportunities internationally. With a globally recognized degree, BBA holders are highly sought after in team management.
    This curriculum meets the expectations of companies working outside our borders who want to acquire quickly operational and comfortable profiles in increasingly globalized sectors.
    FHSU BBA holders will be able to practice in the areas of management and finance, international business, busines development, marketing, IT management as:
    HSU BBA holders will be able to practice in the areas of management and finance, international business, busines development, marketing, IT management as:
    o Internatioanal Business Manager
    o Project Manager,
    o Bank branch manager
    o Financial analyst,
    o External Auditor,
    o Export manager,
    o Marketing Manager,
    o Marketing Specialist,
    o Community manager,
    o Supply Chain manager
    o Quality manager,
    o Human Resources Manager,
    o Junior Recruitment Consultant,
    o Research and HR Development Officer
    o Sales promoter responsible for communication,
    o Manager or commercial negotiator,
    o Account Manager,
    o Computer Systems Analyst ...

    1st year at BEM Dakar: 3,300,000 FCFA

    2nd year at BEM Dakar: 3.300.000 FCFA

    3rd year at FHSU Kansas: 14,380 USD

    4th year at FHSU Kansas: 14,380 USD